Launch of our new improved Advocacy and Alliances Newsletter

My blog today is to introduce to you the new and improved Advocacy and Alliances Newsletter. Our monthly newsletter has been reborn this month. From this point forward, each month we will tackle a key development issue and a guest writer will give their views on the topic. We are pleased to announce our first guest writer, this month, MEP Michael Cashman. He has written an article for us on the post 2015 agenda with a focus on human rights.

Fredrick Msigallah from CBM partner CCBRT in Tanzania discusses disability inclusive development with Michael Cashman MEP at the European Parliament

Fredrick Msigallah from CBM partner CCBRT (Tanzania) discusses disability inclusive development with Michael Cashman MEP at the European Parliament, Photo CCBRT

CBM has worked closely with Mr Cashman in the past years on promoting human rights in development. As one of the most dynamic members of the European Parliament Michael Cashman is a passionate fighter for the rights of marginalised or discriminated people globally. He has spent time with CBM partners, hearing more directly about their experiences and listening to their views on how the European Institutions can contribute to human rights around the world. He has also systematically followed up on these issues through posing official questions on disability inclusive development towards the European Institutions, and supporting the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the work of the European Parliament’s development committee.
Recently, in the run up to this year’s European Elections Mr Cashman has been a leading advocate for the IDDC statement of support for parliamentary candidates for disability inclusive development.
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